For The Love of Food

28 September 2017

This is something a bit different from me and the first print I’ve made since having a baby 15 months ago. It’s taken me a long time to get back into the swing of things as I was VERY out of practice but this was a lovely project to start with…

I created these food illustrations for With Love Project.

What is love project?! It is two mates, Rob Evans a brilliant photographer and Chris Roberts a talented Art Director and their search to find people doing inspiring things with a real passion and to share their stories.

They are currently crowdfunding to cover the printing costs of a book about interesting British food producers working sustainably and ethically. The book features gorgeous photography and really inspiring stories as well as lots of great food.

Check it out here and pre-order your book (and print!)  For the Love of Food

More about the print…

Each piece of food represents one of the British food producers that Rob and Chris went to visit such as Growing Underground who grow micro herbs under the streets of London and Tregothnan who are producers of the first truly British Tea.

I started with a simple ink outline first and then used watercolours to paint in the details.

My favourite ones to paint were the lobster, mushroom, apple and carrot. They represent Cafe Mor from the Pembrokeshire Beach Food Co  and their tasty lobster rolls, Forage Fine Foods based in Herefordshire,  Hallets Cider  and 9 Meals form Anarchy .

The layout and design is heavily influenced by natural history posters and scientific illustrations, which I have always been quite fascinated with.

If you like these pictures you can see more of my process photos and similar things on my instagram account @missdalys AND you can of course order your limited edition print and book here which will both be ready in plenty of time for Christmas ;-)