community consultation techniques

Community Engagement

18 April 2019

Artists can play a vital role in engaging communities with neighbourhood planning and new developments. Good community engagement can help to build trust and understanding, can remove physical, social or language barriers, it can tap into valuable local knowledge and gives community members the chance to influence decisions that affect them.

In the last 15 years I have engaged with many different communities in many different ways. :-)

Here’s some examples of the creative community engagement and consultations I have worked on, some of the techniques I have used and activities I have delivered. Including creating board games, arts and crafts workshops and umbrella walks – great for rainy days!

I plan activities that are inclusive, informal, easy to access, I use appropriate understandable language- no jargon, and treat everyone equally, making sure everyones views are heard and respected.

If you would like me to consult and engage with any communities you are working with, on issues affecting them – please get in touch! :-)