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28 September 2017
For The Love of Food

This is something a bit different from me and the first print I've made since having a baby 15 months ago. It's taken me a long time to get back into the swing of things as I was VERY out of practice but this was a lovely project to start with... I...

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07 March 2017
The With Love Map

Last year I was asked to illustrate a map of the UK for The With Love Project, who were on a mission to meet people creating things with a real passion and purpose. They took a 2 week trip...

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04 September 2015
The Stretford Starlings on Chester Road

Last year the lovely community group Gorgeous Gorse Hill - who aim to improve the appearance of the local area through art and gardening, asked me if I’d like to paint a large mural around the walls of an old block of toilets, on Chester Road in Stretford....

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03 September 2015
Dig the City – Manchester’s Summer garden festival

For seven days in August Manchester city centre was filled with show gardens and floral installations, live music and fun family activities. Gorgeous Gorse Hill had a show garden at the event. Their theme was “A Garden on Every Street Corner“ and...

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01 September 2015
Bee Tattoo

I was thrilled to be contacted by Emma to design her first tattoo for her. She had seen my work and asked if I fancied designing her a bee to go on her arm. Which is great because I love bees, so I jumped at the chance. I created a few sketches and we...

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