Birchfields Primary School Mural

28 April 2020

Last year I worked closely with staff and pupils from Birchfields Primary school to create a HUGE mural in their school hall. What first started out as a ‘can you paint a tree for us?’ enquiry turned into a mammoth project to paint a whole wall of the school hall with staff and pupils involved throughout. :-)

The mural celebrated all aspects of the school and its close proximity to Manchester City Centre. We tried to include as many references as we could to create a mural that was unique to Birchfields Primary.

The KS2 art club spent many weeks researching ideas and creating designs, I worked with them to start putting all their ideas together. A few final concepts were chosen and presented to staff who then picked one for the final mural.

The art club and school staff were taken through the whole process from initial ideas to design and installation. Each stage was linked to areas of the curriculum where possible.

Staff and pupils were keen to include silhouettes depicting popular and successful activities at their school. We photographed children from the art club doing the chosen activities and used their photos to create silhouettes for the mural.

The wall was huge (6 x 12 m !) I went up scaffolding to paint all the parts that were too high for everyone else to paint safely. The challenge was to create it in a way that meant you couldn’t tell who had painted which part, so it was all done in one style that was achievable for the varying abilities and experience of the participants. And it also needed to be timeless so that it can remain on the school wall for many years to come to inspire future pupils too.