Bee Tattoo

01 September 2015

I was thrilled to be contacted by Emma to design her first tattoo for her. She had seen my work and asked if I fancied designing her a bee to go on her arm. Which is great because I love bees, so I jumped at the chance. I created a few sketches and we emailed back and forth and worked up the design. Here’s one of the early designs…


This one is more like a honey bee, but Emma wanted one more like a bumble bee so I rounded it up and fattened it out and changed the shape of the wings. I gave Emma both coloured and black and white options, she went with the black and white and I think it looks top!


The final design was tattoed by the lovely Hannah Mosely at Middleton Tattoo studio After sharing photos of the design and the tattoo on social media, Emma has met a good friend of mine who recognised her tatt at a yoga class and discovered that she knows my cousin too, who also recognised my art on her arm…☺ I’d love to do more, get in touch if you’d like a tatt designed by me.