Bee in The City and the Myerson Bee.

18 February 2020

I loved painting this Bee for Bee In The City in Manchester 2018. It is inspired by Manchesters musical heritage and rave culture. I loved using the bright colours and blending them together. This was the first sculpture for Wild In Art that I painted and I learnt a lot doing this, I’ve since gone on to paint many more sculptures.

Here’s some process shots…

It stood proudly outside Home on First Street next to the Engles Statue for 3 months over the Summer before being Auctioned off.

I was delighted when my bee was won by Myerson Solicitors at the Bee In The City Charity Auction. – When you see their branding you’ll see why they were particularly attracted to this Bee!

It now sits proudly outside the Myerson Offices (known locally as ‘The building with the Bee’) in Altrincham on Barrington Rd where it can be enjoyed by the local community.

Here it is on the Plinth I painted for it, surrounded by wildflowers planted and maintained by Friends of Barrington Greens, Altrincham. I hear it is attracting many other bees!

Find out more about Myerson and the Bee here